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What do we want to do

We want to be involved in highlighting to the responsible party; all potential problem areas which we feel could increase the effect of flooding.

We aim to regularly monitor all sections along the Wesley Brook from Priorslee balancing lake to Evelith Bridge and report any blockages/potential problems to the responsible party.

  • Actively check condition of flood risk assets and report issues.

  • Set up working parties with volunteers. 

  • Lead awareness of flood risk to the wider community


Examples of areas we feel need monitoring/reporting on include:


  • Road drain maintenance – ensuring this is carried out on a regular basis


Housing Developers

  • Ensuring that when Developers are granted permission for building, they are responsible for the provision of adequate attenuation systems also provide betterment to the existing flash flood potential. 


Existing Service Agencies

  • Work with all agencies so that: we have a greater understanding of agencies’ roles

  • Ensure that all existing assets are maintained effectively

  • Understand our flood risk across Shifnal; 

  • We are informed and consulted about any future works so that we can be directly be involved with decisions about our community 

  • Improve communications between residents and agencies.


Existing Facilities

Ensuring facilities which currently exist in Shifnal and which have an impact on flooding are maintained:-

  • Wesley Brook

  • Sewerage Works & Pumping Station

  • Existing attenuation schemes e.g. Silver Mere Pond

  • Priorslee Balancing Lake

  • Bayliss Pools / Reservoirs etc

  • Any location which operates a rain water attenuation facility or who are responsible for one

  • Facility which in event of flash flooding would create a risk


To reach our goals of improving flood prevention measures in and around Shifnal we will be working closely with a number of agencies including:

  • Environment Agency

  • Shropshire Council

  • Shifnal Town Council

  • Severn Trent Water

  • Highways Agency

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