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Useful Links

This page contains information and links to resources related to flooding and Shifnal.

For example if you own a property which backs onto the Wesley Brook you have a number of legal responsibilities the Living on the Edge booklet outlines these.


For flood alerts you can sign up to the Environment Agency's flood warning service which will contact you if a flood is likely in your area. Click here to go to the sign up page

Flood destroys website - Lots of information and links to services in support of flood issues are available from this government website.

National Flood Forum - The national group supporting our activities - looks of useful information available on their website.

Ready for flooding - What to do before, during and after a flood.

Living on the Edge by the Environment Agency (a guide to your rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership)

Shropshire County Council flood pages. Lots of information about flooding issues, regulations and contacts. (0345 678 9006)

Shifnal Town Council Our local council website

Environment Agency a wide range of information from the lead government organisation with he remit for flooding

Severn Trent Water - Our local water company (Emergency phone number is available 24hrs a day) 0800 783 4444

If you would like to report a blocked drain or a flooding incident you need to know who is responsible for the particular type of issue that is occurring. Shropshire Council has an excellent page which will help you identify who to contact in a range of circumstances. (Click here to open that page).

If you are interested in viewing water levels around the country Shoothill Gauge map is a great resource with links to live information across the UK. Click here to open.

GoCompare have put together a useful guide to preparing for a flood and protecting your property. Click here to open

Unfortunately the group is unable to provide information about flood risk for individual properties for prospective house buyers. Your conveyancing solicitor should advise you to include a flood risk search if the standard environmental search on your potential purchase highlights that the property is in an area at risk of flooding.  The additional cost should not be too significant and will give you the appropriate information to help you decide if the property is right for you. 

The gauge provided with the kind permission of Shoothill. The information is supplied via the Environment Agency flood gauge on Haughton Lane. The gauge above says flooding possible above about 30 cm.  It is approximately 80cm before the risk levels are starting to get serious to properties. The highest level recorded on the Haughton Lane gauge is 120cm when we believe four properties flooded. Once the brook reaches this level it goes over the bank and so the reading becomes inaccurate. The gauge was installed after the 2007 flood and so no long term data is available.

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