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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance


The UK government has been working with the insurance industry to create a way for those in flood risk areas to get properly insured without massive financial penalty, through a scheme called FloodRe. FloodRe works by collecting a small tax on home insurance policies. The funds raised are  held by FloodRe and can be used to  cover the cost of any flooding claim on behalf of the insurer. As a policy holder your contract is with your insurer and they manage the collaboration with FloodRe, so as long as you are insured with a FloodRe partner you are covered and meet the conditions outlined on the FloodRe website, you should be able to get cover for a similar price to those not living in a flood risk area.


The FloodRe website has much more information about the scheme and a list of insurance companies taking part in the scheme is also available.



Here at Shifnal Flood Partnership Group, we are driven by a single goal; to protect Shifnal from flood risk. This isn't simply about putting up barriers to stop water. It's about developing an integrated plan that reduces the risk of flooding. This isn't a quick fix and it will take a number of years, a lot of hard work and no small amount of money to complete.

By it's very nature flooding its unpredictable and so we are also working hard to minimising the impact of flooding should it hit the town again.



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