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Gathering Information

We need your help!

To help prevent future flooding we have to start by understanding how flooding occurs. This is done via topographic studies and computer flood modelling.  Producing accurate flood models is a challenging task and some assumptions and estimates have to be made and these obviously affect the way the model plays out.


We would like to develop the best possible models for Shifnal to enable us to target our resources in the most important areas. To do this we need local knowledge about what really happens when a flood hits.

Flooding has affected Shifnal a number of times with the most significant incident being in June 2007. Understanding where the water came from, where it went and how high it rose is a challenge, particularly as local flooding is short term and dissipates very quickly.

Our feeling is that the real experts are local residents. They know where the water went, how long it affected them and how it impacted them as individuals.

To help us we would really value your input as local residents.

We have a short form to fill in to provide information about flooding. In addition if you have any photographs we would really value seeing them. If they are digital photos please email a copy to If they are printed photographs please email details and we will arrange to have the photo’s scanned and returned to you.

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